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Bodhicitta Healing Center

Bodhicitta Healing Center is a multi-modality clinic with a unifying belief in holistic healthcare. The work we do shares the common principal that by treating the root cause of a health problem and not just the symptoms, the body can begin to heal itself on a deep and lasting level. The word Bodhicitta is an ancient Sanskrit word and translates as ‘awakened heart/ enlightened mind’, thus signifying the importance of the spirit to the health of the mind and body.

Practitioners at the Bodhicitta Healing Center are licensed &/or certified in their specific areas of expertise. The skilled practitioners at Bodhicitta value both traditional and cross-cultural avenues of diagnosis and treatment. Our practitioners blend body and mind, science, art and experience to provide the best care possible in a comfortable and peaceful setting.

Located in Seattle in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood, Bodhicitta is a leader in creating viable alternative healthcare options and complimentary healthcare for the greater Seattle area.

Bodhicitta is easily accessible from Hwy 99, I-5 and Seattle public transportation. Click here for map and directions.

Bodhicitta Healing Center is open 7 days a week. Hours are set by appointment only and vary according to each practitioner. Fees and insurance coverage vary from practitioner to practitioner.

The following healthcare services are currently available at Bodhicitta Healing Center:

• Acupuncture
• Acupressure
• Body-centered therapy
• Counseling
• Craniosacral
• Herbal Medicine
• Hypnotherapy
• Massage
• Nutrition
• Reiki

To make an appointment with or contact Katia Durand:
Jade River Healing Arts: 206-547-3387